Quelamin Fe

Ferric is one of the micro elements which  has the most deficiency rate in the world.The deficiency of zinc,boron and ferric is in the lead in Turkey. The main reasons of this;lime soils,high pH of soil and water,high HCO3 concentrations  and disorder of the nutrition elements in the soil.

Fe has a low mobility in the plant and necessary for photosynthesis .It plays a key role in the enzyme activities  and chlorophyl synthesis.It provides the necessery oxidation process to the energy production of the plant.It helps the protein germination.It takes place in the enzyme activities and influence on respiration.It protects the plant against the lack of quality and growth retardion.

The deficiency  symptoms occurs in young leaves.Young leaves turn yellow,plant veins stay green, new growing shoots are slim and shortie,the size of the fruit reduce,brown stains occur around the main streaks .In the progressive stages;the leaves acquires white colour and the streaks start acquiring yellow and even the deaths can be seen because of the photosynthesis deficiency.

Quelamin Fe is a perfect ferric source that contains 6% EDDHA 3.8 Orto orto fort he plants.Its 4-10 pH rate,quickly transports to the plant structure  by dissolving in a short time and it effects.

What Is The Meaning Of Chelate?

Chelate is a molecular structure which protects a metal from an inutile composed composition .Chelate consists of 3 components.The metal which they contain(For example; Fe+3), chelade substance(EDTA, DTPA, EDDHA, amino-acid, humic acid,fulvic  acid,citrates )and  supplement ion (Na+ or NH4+).

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