Nobrico Star

It is a very special plant nutrition product,obtained from the combination of  organic  substance,humic and fulvic acids,L-aminoacids,seaweed and herbal  L-alfa aminoacids.It is formulated to applications of seed and foliage.Also it is also an indispensable plant nutrition product to the root growing and nurition for terene applications.Nobrico Star can be used in every period of the plants.It provides the  growing of the plant nutrition elements to the useful forms by accelerating the absorbtion of the fertilizers.

When the seed application is performed,it destroys the loss of seed by augmenting the germination.It aparts stress ambience of the plants.It takes away the stress and weakening after misleading and  planting.And provides the powerfullness and the stability of the  plants.

In the plants:

  • Raises the resistance of the plant to diseases and parasites
  • Provides high yield (colour,taste and appearance)
  • Prolongs  storage life

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