Lombrico Zinc

It warns plant growing hormones(oxy ans cytokinine)It is demanded from soil microorganisms and it stimulates the reproduction and procreation of the organisms.It accelerates the circulation transportation of the food  stuffs.It increases the growing of the vegetative organs and roots.It raises the plant nutrition.It augmentes the formation of chlorophyl.It increases the germination power of the seed.It provides the stable growing of the plant by stimulating root system and cell propagation.

The symptoms of  zinc deficiency in the plants appears as chlorosis between the leaves.The grains stay green in the leaves,the colour between the grains discolour bright green,yellow an deven white.Due to the fact that zinc has not a mobility,zinc can not transported to young leaves in the deficiency circumstance.So the deficiency symptoms demonstrates itself in the young leaves.The leave growing is negatively affected in the fruit trees.Rosea institution is seen on the tip of shoot.

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