Lombrico Boro

Normal plants consist 25-100 ppm boron.20 ppm is accepted as a boron deficiency in the plants.It is known that lots of disease occurs because of the boron deficiency.For example,the disease of the fungal recovery of core house is one of these diseases.

The deficiency of boron in pear and apples is seen as flower fade and it acquires a black colour.With this situation,thay stand on the branch,they do not fall off.Freezing damage forms the same vision but the flowers affected by freezing immediately fall off.In the violent deficiency,the leave germination lates,vegetative growing points die.Shoots are short,leaves are small and spoilt shape.But chlorosis is not seen in the leaves.The spaces,rottings,Brown spotsa are seen inside part of the fruit.

Boron contributes the germination of flowering and fructify,pollens keep on their existance.It augmentes the resistance of the cell membranes and ensures resistance to the plants.In deficiency of boron,flowering,seed and fruit adsorption reduce,growing points die.It causes to crown rot essipecially the plants like beet,potato.

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