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Brotolom Total

It is a perfect  natural self defence inducer ,made from  plant extracts. When applied to the crops, the product stimulates the plant self defences, activating all its natural mechanisms: Provied synthesis of phytoalexines, production of phenols and polyphenols. Provides formation of cell papillae and tyloses. Increases cell wall thickness. COMPOSITION GUARANTEED CONTENT      

Aminolom Calcio

Calcium moves with the action of the water in the structure of the plant. When the transpiration begins in the plants,calcium also moves up   with the water.The deficiency of calcium generally  occurs in the periods when the weather is closed and the transpiration is less. Thanks to the aminoacids which the Aminolom Calcio has,the transpiration

Aminolom Force

Aminolom Force,an organic fertilizer,obtained from herbal substances.Because of its fulvic acid %20 (w/w) rate, it is different from  other classic humic acids.Due to its herbal origin,it is useful both on the soil and on the plant form.Compared to humic acid,fulvic  acid is more active.  Fulvic acid has a smaller molecule form than humic acid. The

Aminolom Vegetal Forte

Due to the fact that it  contains 20 % w/w ,it is different from other fertilizers.When it is applicated from foliage and soil,you can see the difference. It obtains greener colours to the plant by providing the germination of chlorophyl .It provides a yield augmentation by increasing photosynthesis.It increases the sugar rate of the fruits

Lombrico-%24 A.H Liquid Fertilizer

LOMBRICO %24 is an organic fertilizer which has a patent by TÜGEM. And also it has ECOCERT and SOHISCERT certificate in European Union. It has totally organic form and it is completely obtained from herbal origins.By means of this,it can completely absorbe  by plant. The humic acids which have leonardite,functions in the soil,they can not

Lombrico-K Plus Liquid Fertilizer

Potassiumis the second element that the plants need after azote and so it raised surplus from the soil.Potassium is a very important plant nurition for the plants. None of the elements take potassiums place in the plant,it provides the transportation of sugars,proteins and other  metabolic products to the conservation organs.In the plants which have potassium

Lombrico-P Liquid Fertilizer

The phosphor rate of the soils changes 0,002% and 0,15%.But very little part is absorbed by the plants.Depending essipecially the clay type and measure on the soil,much part of the phosphor is kept by the soil. Phosphor is an active nutrition element on the plant.It can transfer down right and left. Phosphor has physiologic  operations

Lombrico-N Liquid Fertilizer

Azote Deficiency: In the azote deficiency,the plants acquire a bright green colour contrary to their dark green colour. In the excessive deficiencies ,chlorosis is seen.This situation starts from old leaves. The azote deficieny negatively affects vegetative growing of the plant.The leave and root system become weak.The vegetative growing period runs up.Plants mature early,bloom early and

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