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Aminolom Contrasal

The hot and drought climatit conditions that we are all in it,forms an ideal ambient to creation of salinity and infertility.The salts which thaw because of the low rainfall,begin to precipate in the fields that the plants are efficient or they accumulate on the surface of the soil and salt layers ocur. In our country,this

Aminolom Corrector

The instability of pH in the soil and the water causes the  decrease of  the cultivation of crop by disrupting the nutrition  abstraction. Aminolom Corrector prevents problems that might occur by high pH density. Aminolom Corrector is prepared for increase the profits of the solutions .It is recommended to azote and phosphor fertilizing. It regulates

Aminolom Maduracion

Aminolom Maduration provides perfect coloured,taste and fulness essipeciallyin tomato,strawberry and melon,augmentes the tonnage.It satisfys the deficiency of potassium with its potassium content.It increases the flowering and the yield in the plants.It provides the germination of fruit in pepper,aubergine,cucumber,tomato,potato an ect.It increases the sugar rate of the fruits like melon,watermelon,strawberry,sugar beet and grape.It provides high yield,helps

Lombrico Boro

Normal plants consist 25-100 ppm boron.20 ppm is accepted as a boron deficiency in the plants.It is known that lots of disease occurs because of the boron deficiency.For example,the disease of the fungal recovery of core house is one of these diseases. The deficiency of boron in pear and apples is seen as flower fade

Lombrico Zinc

It warns plant growing hormones(oxy ans cytokinine)It is demanded from soil microorganisms and it stimulates the reproduction and procreation of the organisms.It accelerates the circulation transportation of the food  stuffs.It increases the growing of the vegetative organs and roots.It raises the plant nutrition.It augmentes the formation of chlorophyl.It increases the germination power of the seed.It

Quelamin Fe

Ferric is one of the micro elements which  has the most deficiency rate in the world.The deficiency of zinc,boron and ferric is in the lead in Turkey. The main reasons of this;lime soils,high pH of soil and water,high HCO3 concentrations  and disorder of the nutrition elements in the soil. Fe has a low mobility in

Aminolom Complex

Aminolom  Complex is an excellent product which provides to get rid of negatif circumstances like hot,cold,drought,disease as soon as possible thanks to its 9 % free aminoacid. Trace elements are used too less by plants in proportion to macro elements but it is a real fact that they have also a key role at least

Aminolom Enzimatico 24%

Aminolom Enzimatico 24% contains totally organic free- formed L-Aminoacids . It has Europe Organic Agriculture certificates as ECO CERT. Aminoacids are simple molecules parts of proteins And have complex structure which consists chains.All the aminoacids contain carbon,hydrogen and oxygen,and at the same time there are also kinds of  aminoacids which contains sulphur and phosphor. One

Nobrico Star

It is a very special plant nutrition product,obtained from the combination of  organic  substance,humic and fulvic acids,L-aminoacids,seaweed and herbal  L-alfa aminoacids.It is formulated to applications of seed and foliage.Also it is also an indispensable plant nutrition product to the root growing and nurition for terene applications.Nobrico Star can be used in every period of the

Brotolom Cobre

Brotolom Cobre,is a systemic plant nutrition which has a superior qualification like absorbable by leaves and roots.Thanks to its special chelate zinc and mangan content, it increases the flowering and yield in the plants. Brotolom Cobre stimulates its own defense system,causes the movement of lignification.Therefore  augmentes the gemmation and stimulates taking micro elements. Brotolom Cobre,does

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