Brotolom Cobre

Brotolom Cobre,is a systemic plant nutrition which has a superior qualification like absorbable by leaves and roots.Thanks to its special chelate zinc and mangan content, it increases the flowering and yield in the plants.

Brotolom Cobre stimulates its own defense system,causes the movement of lignification.Therefore  augmentes the gemmation and stimulates taking micro elements.

Brotolom Cobre,does the catalyzatorness of the chemical reactions inside the plant by participating plant enzyme  structure.

When Brotolom Cobre is applicated from foliage,it augmentes the rate of azote,phosphore,potassium,calcium,magnesium.It provides to receive more elements for plants.

When you applied Brotolom Cobre from foliage, it has an important effect on plant growing thanks to its copper content.

Brotolom Cobre, augmentes chlorophyl entity.It plays a role in the entity of vitamin,takes in charge  On condition that it is applied in the seedling period and after,it consists a perfect length stability in your plants.

Brotolom Cobre is recommended for fruit trees,citruses,olive trees,tropical crops vegetables and ornamentals .

Brotolom Cobre, fulfills the need of copper  in the young leaves.Copper  is an element whose transformation is hard inside the plant.Therefore the deficiency is seen first of all  in the young  leaves.

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