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AURORA’s story began in 1875 with the arrival of immigrants from North Italy. They settled in southern Brazil, in the Gaucho Highlands, where they found beautiful landscapes and a climate similar to that of their home country. As a result, their European habits and culture were not forgotten and the ancient art of wine making was soon

On February 14, 1931, sixteen grape producing families from the city of Bento Gonçalves in the Gaucho Highlands joined forces to launch the groundbreaking venture that was to become the largest of its kind in Brazil: THE AURORA COOPERATIVE WINERY. One year later, collective production already amounted to 137,000 kg of grapes, forming the basis of a company destined not only to be the largest, but also one of the most technologically qualified.

Today, the Aurora Winery in the heart of Bento Gonçalves is the largest in Brazil. More than 1,100 families are members of the cooperative, where production is supervised by technicians who are in daily contact with the producer – providing all the necessary assistance. The technical team is responsible for permanently monitoring the industrial process and the quality of the final products, always striving towards developing cutting edge technology. wine-2

The winery has achieved the privileged position it has occupied for over two decades thanks to constant modernization of its production plant, the cutting edge technology of its units and the strict standards enforced in its production processes. The extreme care taken in the production regime, from planting the seedlings to bottling the product, is an integral part of the recipe for continued growth that the company has enjoyed all these years.

Defining concept
Pleasure in the consumption of wine, beverages and food.

Company Mission
Excellence and efficiency in the production and/or distribution of wine, beverages and food, ensuring pleasure in consumption.

Aurora Principles
• Cooperation: strict adherence to the cooperative doctrine.
• Focus on internal and external clients.
• Social responsibility, respecting the environment.
• Leadership through pioneerism, technology and diversification.
• Exceptional quality in processes and products.
• Alliances as business strategies.
• Profit: development factor with the participation of those that generate it.

awardAurora Winery, the largest and most awarded winery in Brazil, has just won two medals in official international competition for the quality of its wines. In the 14th edition of Thessaloniki International Wine Competition (held in Greece in Thessaloniki), which brought together 533 wines from 5 countries, Aurora won the following awards:

  • Aurora Reserve Merlot 2012 Dry Red Wine received a gold medal. This is the 20th medal received by Aurora Reserve Merlot in the last two years.
  • The contest also awarded the Marcus James Brut Sparkling Wine with a silver medal, 44th medal in its history ( it also won 12 gold, 1 Grand Gold and a Special Award in Citadelles du Vin 2011 in Bordeaux, the highest award received by all wines on that edition of the French competition).

All white, red and sparkling wines Aurora can be found in specialist stores and stores of major retail chains throughout Brazil.

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