Aminolom Enzimatico 24%

Aminolom Enzimatico 24% contains totally organic free- formed L-Aminoacids . It has Europe Organic Agriculture certificates as ECO CERT.

Aminoacids are simple molecules parts of proteins And have complex structure which consists chains.All the aminoacids contain carbon,hydrogen and oxygen,and at the same time there are also kinds of  aminoacids which contains sulphur and phosphor. One of the most important group of the amino acids for the plants is L-free Amino acids.Due to its fully herbal origin,Aminolom Enzimatico can be intaken very fast and easily.

The Benefits Of Using Amino Acids;

  1. Minimizes the stress factors and provides healty and high yield.
  2. Prevents malfunctions during the pollination and fructify.
  3. Uses energy to form amino acids in the roots.When we give the amino acids to the plant which it  need with Enzimatico 24%,plant doesn’t spend it in the root,it uses its energy in other activities.
  4. Another characteristic of amino acids is to facilitate transportation of the trace elements by chelating .

Important And Useful Amino Acids For The Plants

  • L-Glycine: It has a high chelate power,provides formation of chlorophyl .
  • L-Glutamic asit: : It has a high chelate power,provides formation of chlorophyl ,provides getting of other amino acids.
  • L-Methionine: Provides generation of fruit,regulates intaking nutrition ,stimulates protein metabolism,increases root growing.
  •  L-Lysine: Increases pollination by polen.Regulates nutrition taking,contains azote.

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