Aminolom Contrasal

The hot and drought climatit conditions that we are all in it,forms an ideal ambient to creation of salinity and infertility.The salts which thaw because of the low rainfall,begin to precipate in the fields that the plants are efficient or they accumulate on the surface of the soil and salt layers ocur.

In our country,this situation is seen on the smooth plains where the inundation waters,come from high aboves gather,therefore  because of the salinity problem, arable lands which have a good moisture regime and soil quality become useless.One of the most important reasons of the salinity and drought is raise of the salty floor waters.

Because of the excessive fertilizing in greenhouse,the salinity occurs .Therefore degradations ocur.Fertilizers begin to accumulate in the soil by fertilizing and causes to salinity.In time,this lands become useless.It causes to stay small size essipecially in tomato and causes growing deficiency in other plants.Therefore we deceive from tonage,from yield.

The integuments of the plant which are semi-permeable  have a limited  osmotic moisture when they get the nutrition elements of the plant.If the density of the salt is more,the movement of the food stuffs become reversed which is from soil solution to the plant,it trends from plant to soil and finally the plants die.In the plasmas of the  stem cells of the plant,splits occur and afterwards they die.

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